Growing up in Southern Pines A Step In Time's founder, Carley Sutton, was constantly surrounded by the beauty of this young but unique town. But, it is easy to take your hometown for granted when you're young, so she only knew a very basic history about the area. However, it may have influenced her decision to study Architecture in college and she has had a passion for history throughout her life. Returning to Southern Pines after a change of careers and a drive to be closer to her family, Carley quickly became involved in her community.  ​What started as a desire to protect some historical homes in her neighborhood led Carley deep into research about the history of her hometown. And she discovered so many wonderful stories that needed to be shared. Having a passion also for costuming due to many years in the theater arts, Carley quickly decided that a tour guide dressed like the early town residents would be yet another history lesson. So, she created a costume and put together her months of research into a fun and informative tour through her lovely town. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you!